About us

Created in June 2013, ANNALINE is an English-language news site based in Hamburg, mainly covering technology, lifestyle, and techie lifestyle :) (yes, there is such a thing!) . ANNALINE also covers local events and businesses to help both newcomers and English-speaking residents informed of what is happening and trending in this beautiful city.

The Team

Andre Sasongko –  Editor, Founder of ANNALINE. Educated in the USA, Andre is an Indonesian living in Hamburg, Germany. His passions about technology (programmer by trade), design, and writing led him create this blog. He has been living in Hamburg since 2005 and loves every corner of it. When he doesn’t sit in front of his computer or sleep, he can be found in a sushi restaurant or salsa dance club. His personal blog, andresasongko.com, shows his other passions in photography and getting philosophical about life.

stephanie birkenbeilStephanie BirkenbeilBiz Dev, Founder of ANNALINE. She makes sure the that the paperwork is done properly and is responsible for the growth of this site. After her diploma in Business Administration in Berlin, Germany, Stephanie was employed over 10 years in several IT consulting companies in Hamburg as HR and Service Manager. In 2011 she started her own employment agency Birkenbeil Consulting. She loves golf and riding motorbikes in summer.